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Are you a business owner, leader, recently divorced or married without any assets in your name? Look no further! Power Wealth Profit$® has over 20 years of experience providing individuals just like you with the tools you need to succeed in all aspects of your life.

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Power Wealth Profit$® LLC provides educational services for Financial Literacy; to include every aspect of Risk Management. In addition, we offer mindset behavior training, professional and leadership development, relationship building, and the development of wealth building strategies.

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Wealth Development

Ready to gain control of your financial future? Join us at one of our upcoming webinars where we discuss the tools and techniques necessary to grow, nurture, and develop your wealth… the right way.

Stephanie Green has helped me and my husband to generate passive income at a 3% rate that is compounded weekly. We have been able to see profitable gains week after week. With her help We have been able to establish a plan to be able to not only retire in 18 years but will be able to pass on generational wealth to our grand children as well as our great grand children once we leave this earth. Anyone who is looking to make passive income as well as build generational wealth please don't be hesitate to reach out to Stephannie nor be afraid to take the risk and establish a better future for yourself as well as your family.

Disclaimer: In finance past profits do not guarantee future results

Reach Your Full Potential

Jumpstart Your Mind is absolutely a must read. What hinges upon the completion of this book is a whole new world to discover through the lens of a fresh and creative perspective. Jumpstart Your Mind is the key to unlocking untapped potentials that have been held captive simply due to the inability of an unrenewed mind. This is the encounter you have been waiting on... make the time... shut everything off around you. Open the portals that have been shut iron clad and allow the literary grace of these authors to take you on a journey that will lead to a new way of thinking beyond anything that you have ever imagined. Get ready to jumpstart your mind!

Dr. Patricia Bailey
Global Ambassador

Jumpstart Your Mind

Your self-help resource to better manage your thoughts, leading to healthier decision making.

Written By

Dr. Sharmee Pratt

Co-Authored By

Stephannie Green

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